Saturday, September 11, 2004

And so the sky will fall in...

The Times reports that Blair will next week emphasise the seriousness of climate change:
Climate change is the gravest challenge facing the planet, Tony Blair will say in a landmark speech to environmental experts this week

David King, the government's Chief Scientific Adviser, overreacts somewhat: I am sure that climate change is the biggest problem that civilisation has had to face in 5,000 years.

The Times follows up with some lame reporting: His speech comes as British holidaymakers in Jamaica are given a foretaste of the sort of extreme weather conditions that environmental experts say are likely to become increasingly prevalent as global warming takes hold.

For evidence that the hurricanes are nothing abnormal see here (via Philip Stott and others).

The whole debate is facile, given that climate change has always and will always happen. Framing the debate in such a way suggests that climate can be stabilised, which is a false belief, and gives a perpetual mandate to the Green lobby.
I am reminded of the following statement by high-Green Edward Goldsmith who wants to ‘...slow down this (global warming) terrible process so that when climate eventually stabilises our planet can remain largely habitable’ (The Observer, 2001). This belief is either stupid and/or ignorant or just knowingly devious.

No doubt there are plenty of environmental problems, but a debate such as this one is bound to produce the wrong solutions.


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