Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Latest libertarian outing

Lembut Opik MP in The Telegraph gives a sensible, pragmatic argument as to why banning fox-hunting will not improve foxes' welfare.
Of course, the point of the proposed policy, as much as one can determine a coherent rationale, is more an elitist metropolitan love-in with animal rights protesters, and toff-bashing, rather than an utilitarian attempt to maximise the welfare of the average fox.

The article is of particular note for the following:

However, as a libertarian, and someone committed to evidence-based decision-making, I firmly believe there must be a very good reason to ban anything. (my emphasis)

This comes from a member of the Liberal Democrat party, who, whilst to their credit have begun to reinsert the classical into liberal (see here), are one of the more tax loving parties. The libertarianism Opik professes to support seems to be more the "I am a libertarian except when I am not" variety, than the variety that does without diluting libertarian with various sub-clauses and loopholes.


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