Friday, September 10, 2004

Libertarian hawks - an oxymoron?

Will Wilkinson offers a good critique of a libertarian/contractarian case for war in Iraq. nb also the intelligent comments.

I think Will might have a problem with using contractarianism to defend an anti Iraq war stance for the following reason: the Leviathan (a supranational body in modern parlance - ie the UN) to which we prudentially surrender certain powers is in 2004, particularly inefficient and perhaps corrupt. It might be the best we have (debatable) but its failings limit the contractarian argument. It might be imprudent to surrender power (self-defence, whatever...) to an inefficient Leviathan.
I am not sure what the implications of this are regarding Iraq, and I think I agree with the rest of his post, but an argument that relies on the UN is flawed in proportion to the uselessness of the UN.

More dissent here at the well endowed Liberty and Power blog


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