Sunday, September 12, 2004

More on global warming

The Observer reports that hurricane frequency may increase in the Atlantic due to changes in the circulation of the ocean, not global warming.

However, the rest of the article barely stops short of normal climate alarmism:

The images of Hurricane Ivan sweeping over Jamaica have added yet another image of climatic devastation in recent months. Although not directly linked to global warming, they have - along with pictures of wrecked harvests and summer deluges - intensified popular concerns about the climate.
(Especially in science, popular does not correlate with veracity)

Michael Howard is quoted as jumping on the bandwagon:
Like the war on terrorism or the drive for responsible free trade, climate change is an international issue that depends on international co-operation

It is an insult to those involved to compare the events at Beslan to climate change, in much the same way that comparing something to Nazism or somesuch, in most cases, undermines the argument.


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