Friday, September 17, 2004

Nuclear power is cool

A potential source of embarrassment for the Greens is that in pushing their renewables agenda via Kyoto...etc, they have also pushed for nuclear power, which in their world view, is the devil's spawn.
Furthermore, some argue that we cannot have nuclear power (even if they accept it is necessary) because it is uneconomic - it requires government subsidy. That may be true, but it is true also of wind power. When is a subsidy not a subsidy? When it is a Green subsidy.

Good piece by Lord May (R) (ex UK government chief scientific adviser) on the political economy of nuclear power and an excellent article by Simon Jenkins on the fallacies of enery politics (I fear the trouble is that Mr Blair does so quake. He regards making a decision on nuclear power as a greater threat to him than global warming is to humankind.)


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