Friday, September 03, 2004

Recipe of the week - pasta with bone marrow

I'm currently a bit obsessed with bone marrow recipes so here is one I ate tonight.
Ingredients (for 2 people roughly)
2 large beef bones (or 3/4 veal bones) - soaked in water for >2hrs. (A decent butcher will give you beef bones free + may charge a little for veal bones).
Tablespoon sage (or whatever herb you prefer), 1 clove garlic
Breadcrumbs (coarse)
200-300gm pasta
Remove bone marrow from bones, checking for bone fragments. Mix with sage, garlic, seasoning, + breadcrumbs. You want about 1 part marrow to 1.5/2 parts marrow.
Fry in a little olive oil until bread crumbs are crisp and marrow has liquefied. Check seasoning.
Reserve some of mixture. Add cooked pasta to the rest and add pasta cooking water if too dry. Serve sprinkled with reserved mixture + parmesan cheese if desired.

At the restaurant we serve this as a crust on a beef fillet + if made a little drier, can be used as a stuffing for chicken ballotine.

At the deservedly famous St John in London, £6.20/$11 US buys you a bone marrow and parsley salad.


Blogger ramenjunkie said...

thanks! bone marrow recipes are hard to come by. i could only find a few with google.

11 October 2006 at 21:07  

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