Sunday, September 12, 2004

Recipe of the week

Egg pasta (long - tagliatelle....) with parsnip

This is a very simple dish borrowed + adapted from Jamie Oliver

For 2
300 - 400 gm pasta
3-6 parsnips
1 clove garlic
Double cream

Start cooking pasta
Peel parsnip + discard first skin. Peel rest in long strips until you reach the core.
Whilst pasta is cooking, fry garlic in lots of oil + butter. After a minute or two, add good pinch of thyme (or rosemary or sage) and then the parsnip peelings.
Cook until parsnip is nearly soft, turn heat up, deglaze with dry white wine or Vermouth.
Boil down and when reduced, add double cream to make a fairly dry sauce. Season. You want some of the parsnip to have dissolved into a sauce and some to remain intact.

When pasta is cooked, add directly from pasta pot to parnsip pot (with tongs or something similar), and add more pasta cooking water if too dry. Serve with Parmesan cheese.


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