Sunday, September 26, 2004

Tom Palmer v Lew Rockwell

Probably only of interest to those in libertarian circles, Tom Palmer continues his strong critique of Lew Rockwell and co.
If you hang out with the Rockwell crowd, you're hanging out with people who want to kill homosexuals and heretics (North), give keynote addresses at conventions of neo-Nazi crackpots (Sobran), work directly with the racist and KKK-sympathizing Council of Concerned Citizens (Francis), etc., etc

If Palmer is correct, it is a great shame that the reputation of von Mises has been tarnished so. It is also a shame, and I am certain of this, that the classical liberal / libertarian cause has been soiled by association with such people.
However, there is very little we can do about this, and all political movements have their fringes, and it is these fringes that can draw many people into the more reasonable (and correct) centreground. For example, innumerous people have become classical liberals... after reading Ayn Rand. Some may never have moved beyond her simplistic thinking, but many have progressed to the valuable and rigorous research of Hayek and co.