Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Boettke at the LSE

Prof Peter Boettke's lecture at the LSE tonight was excellent (he is the current Hayek Visiting Fellow)- a very robust explanation and defence of Hayekian liberalism. He interspersed his lecture with all sorts of wonderful anectdotes about Hayek and his contemporaries.
The take-away message was that Hayek's challenge to socialistic political economy is, at base, remarkably free of ideology. It was only later on that Hayek delved into political philosophy as a result of his earlier economic work, yet his intellectual achievements form a coherent whole and his work has had massive influence in economics.

The Hayek Visiting Fellow program at the School (and the work of the Hayek Society) is much needed because Hayek's achievements do not get nearly enough recognition and it is important to remember that when you are studying economics (and I would add political philosophy) at the LSE you are truly standing on the shoulders of giants, as the chair, Professor Tim Besley, said.

There must have been at least 100 people there and I had the honour of sitting next to Prof Anthony Flew who knew Hayek whilst he was at the School from 1931 - 1949/50.


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