Friday, October 22, 2004

Famous voters

Reason records the voting intentions + history of loads of clever and/or famous people in the US, including Vernon Smith, Steven Pinker, P J O'Rourke, Charles Murray and Eugene Volokh (who linked to it at

Richard Epstein's is my favourite:
2004 vote: I don’t know who the Libertarian candidate is this time, but you can put me down as voting for him; anyone but the Big Two. As far as I can tell, the debate thus far has borne no relation to the important issues facing the nation...except Vietnam. It’s just two members of the same statist party fighting over whose friends will get favors.
2000 vote: I can’t remember.
Most embarrassing vote: Since I don’t remember who I vote for from one election to the next, it’s hard to say. I suppose Richard Nixon in ’72, though that doesn’t mean I’d want to have voted for George McGovern either.


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