Wednesday, October 13, 2004

McDonald's loses it?

The Guardian reports on McDonald's rebranding, which sees the golden arches replaced with a golden question mark - We have changed too, so the creative idea on the question mark, is - this is McDonald's, but not as you know.

The whole piece seems to want to prove that McDonald's is jumping before it is pushed re: obesity and that the rebranding is a result of falling profits. McDonald's have to put a brave face on it, but it is obviously true. What of it? McDonald's changes according to changing consumer desires. Shock! It isn't a victory for anyone except market forces - demand shaping supply.
The existence of this relationship is tacitly denied by anti McDonald's protesters - "McDonald's makes us fat" (ie: McDonald's chooses for us). However, as evidenced by the rebranding, we choose for McDonald's. Consumers are moving toward "healthier" options away from fried foods, and McDonald's is trying to keep up with this trend. There is absolutely nothing sinister going on here.