Sunday, October 31, 2004

Toxic trio of evils

The only good thing about Jonathan Dimbleby's article is that it has saved me wasting my time watching the show tonight. How about this:
Which takes us - or should take us - from global poverty to global warming. It is the greatest challenge facing humanity, to combat both at once - to deliver justice, fairness and prosperity to the poor without destroying the planet in the process. Already we are consuming the Earth's natural but finite resources faster than they can be replenished. Already Britain's chief scientific advisor, Sir David King, tells us global warming is a greater threat than global terrorism.
So what happens when the poor have their just deserts? Will we see the melting of the ice-caps, catastrophic floods that drown hundreds of thousands of people and turn millions into refugees and famished migrants? Will we all perish in some Siberian or Saharan Armageddon? Or find ourselves caught in a Malthusian end-game as we perish for lack of food and water? Or will we start to control our profligate use of carbon fuels and persuade whoever wins the American election that the resources of the planet must be more equitably shared?

But if the Queen is worried about "climate change", perhaps we should be too.

Environmentalism, is for the most part, a religious ideology. It is, as a result, particularly resistance to the harsh world of facts. An important implication of this mindset is the attempt to link a scientifically illiterate theory, such as ending climate change, to other, more serious, international trends, such as terrorism, in order to legitimise the former. I don't think this is a new phenomena - as a shadow of its leftist origins, environmentalism has always been underpinned by an anti business, anti capitalism, relativistic and conspiratorial agenda.
Terrorists beheading innocent aid workers , or governments interfering in foreign politics, have very little connection with environmental problems. To make this spurious connection to further your shallow environmentalist or social-democrat agenda belittles the victims of terrorism (on both sides) by distracting attention from the real causes, and undermines honest attempts to solve serious environmental problems (such as environmental degradation in countries lacking property rights).


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