Sunday, November 21, 2004

Ban fish and chips

An extremist animal rights organisation wants to ban fish and chips: Dawn Carr, the director of Peta in Europe, said: "We are not pulling any punches on this one. We don't think people should eat fish at all - and if that means they do not eat fish and chips, then so be it. People should go on a fishing boat and see the amount of suffering a fish goes through when it is caught."

Well, if "we" are going to ban hunting because it is cruel, why not fishing? Mainly because hunting has been banned because posh people do it, and fishing is unlikely to be banned because non-posh people enjoy it. If cruelty really was the reason, the argument would presumably proceed on utlitarian grounds, so factory farming would be the first to be banned, perhaps followed by fishing, then keeping birds as pets, and last and least, hunting.
That this has not happened is proof enough of the not so hidden agenda of ban supporters.


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