Wednesday, November 03, 2004

The Fat Duck

Heston Blumenthal, 3* Michelin chef, has won State funding for a culinary laboratory and research program at his restaurant. From the Telegraph:
Blumenthal, a self-taught chef, has been given money to take on a full-time PhD student to study "molecular gastronomy" and to help to create even more novel meals.
It will also allow him to convert an annexe into a laboratory complete with a "multi-sensory tasting room", to study the effects of sound, texture and vision on how food tastes.

Here's more on molecular gastronomy. I am all for this particular evolution of cooking, but I would rather it were done without the State's help. Blumenthal has a restaurant to run, and presumably this lab is going to improve the flavour of his dishes, and create new ones for him. This, and the associated publicity will probably increase custom, which seems a little unfair to his competitors, although, in the UK, there are only a few that do this type of cooking (such as L'Enclume, The Vineyard, and Anthony's).


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