Friday, December 17, 2004

British eating habits

1. 1/2 the population visited a fish + chip shop in the last 3 months.
2. 45% had a Chinese takeout, 35% a pizza, and 31% Indian.
3. The fish + chip shop of the year, Finnegan's, sells at least 300 portions a day.
4. We spent £25 bn on prepared food, £21bn on meals under £10 a head.
5. On average we spend £1250 annually eating out.
From this survey, reported in the Telegraph.
6. 22% of fish + chip shops in Scotland sell deep-fried Mars bars (picture). The Telegraph quotes a doctor: 'We did also find some evidence of the penetration of the Mediterranean diet in Scotland, albeit in the form of the deep-fried pizza'.


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