Tuesday, December 21, 2004

The failure of multiculturalism - Dutch style

I don't know enough about this situation, but if this Telegraph report is accurate, it is a further piece of damning evidence against a politically correct, multiculturalist welfare state.

An estimated 20,000 Dutch Somalis have left Holland for Britain over the past five years, escaping a multicultural model once touted as the most enlightened in the world.
They say they are frustrated by a system that keeps them trapped in welfare dependency and fosters ethnic tension.

Part of the problem seems to be red-tape which prevents immigrants working and confines them to welfare. Adan Igeh Hussein, of the Somali European Forum, said: "We don't want to depend on social benefits. We're a business-oriented people, but here the rules and red tape make it a nightmare to start anything. You have to have a certificate just to clean houses. In Britain it's so much easier if you want to set up a restaurant or a shop."

And the grass seems to be greener on this side of the North Sea: "We've been here for 12 or 15 years. The government gives us housing, it spends a lot of money, but it's still been a failure. After one year in Britain, everybody is very happy."


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