Sunday, December 19, 2004

Karl Rove's big "new" idea - Thatcherism

After revolutionising America's foreign policy, the Bush administration now intends to give domestic policy the same overhaul. They have a mission: radical welfare state reform. And they have a name for it: Thatcherism.
There is also a feeling of discovery. The victory was on a record turnout: the American public is far more conservative than even Rove's figures projected. After slaying liberalism, he needs a creed to bury it.
After a long ideological search, Rove has chosen Britain in the 1980s. Then Margaret Thatcher took on a left-wing consensus and embarked on an epoch-defining war that the president now aspires to wage in America.
(The Business)

The interesting aspect of this development is the opportunity it may open up for Conservatives a few years from now - if it goes well. If Bush + Rove manage to reform welfare in a way that does not alientate both sides, it may promote the (re)acceptance of Tory values. But these are big ifs...


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