Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Restaurant reviews - dim sum

The Golden Palace, Harrow, NW London.
In the last couple of weeks I have 2 excellent dim sum lunches here. It has excellent reviews (here, here), is very busy, especially with Chinese (for what this is worth) and the dim sum is excellent value at about £2.50 - £3.50 a plate.
Standout dishes have been: fried lemongrass chicken, crab and broccoli steamed in seaweed rolls, cuttlefish cakes, and the star of the show: five spice braised beef belly. For £2.50 you get a small bowl of tripe, fatty beef belly, dumplings, and turnip in a delicious spicy beef broth. The best thing I have eaten in a restaurant of any kind for a long time. Duck tongues in tangerine sauce were disappointing - too bony and gelatinous. They join chicken feet in the "to be tried once only" category.
Service is attentive and friendly by Chinese restaurant standards and the bill for two (with 7/8 dishes) comes to about £22. Can't wait to go back.

Phoenix Palace, nr Baker Street, central London
£40 for dim sum for 2, with drinks + a rice dish. Generally no better than the Golden Palace and in places a bit worse. Beef dumplings (with mint and peas) were very good, and I have eaten an excellent eel dish here in the past, but the Golden Palace wins hands down.


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