Friday, January 14, 2005

Technological progress

Whilst recarpeting my room I found some old newspapers from 1999 and the PC World advertisments illustrate the speed of technological development.

In 1999, £1000 would have bought me the following:
Compaq - Intel Celeron 466mhz, 128mb ram, 8 gb hd, 5x dvd-rom, 17 inch monitor.

In 2005, the same amount of money gets me:
Compaq - Pentium 4 530, 512mb ram, 160 gb hd, 16x dvd-rom + ram, 17inch flat monitor.

Not bad. So generally, for less money I can do more on my computer. For me, this is the essence of technological development, and makes a mockery of Diamond's claim below that we don't need such development. This type of development frees up resources to be used elsewhere more effectively.


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