Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Paul Ehrlich and the missing millions

The New York Times explains why Paul Ehrlich has got it so, so wrong. It seems the problem now is not overpopulation but falling birth-rates - so much so that some governments are offering financial incentives to couples to do the right thing!!

Apparently Ehrlich is 'pleasantly surprised' by the failure of reality to conform to his theory. The problem with Ehrlich is less that he got it wrong, for we all do that, but it is the unscientific approach which so enrages people. For 30 odd years he has said the same thing and by now, he should have realised his errors, and adjusted his theory accordingly. To continue peddling the same false theory is the sign of an ideologue, not a scientist.

- Iain Murray on the same story: So in order to drive population down, we should move away from the "idiotic" pursuit of liberty and standards of living, which have been proven to drive population down, and instead return to a "saintly" agrarian lifestyle, which drives population up?
- Terry Anderson on the correlation between private property/economic growth and environmental quality, via Lynne Kiesling
The man truly is a genius.


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