Thursday, September 02, 2004

Supermarket hypocrisy

The Guardian lauds the efforts of Booths, a supermarket chain in the north of England. The stores are smaller, more friendly, stock more local produce...etc
Now Booths are successful mainly because they stock produce people want. It appears that the customers at Booths want to pay a bit more than average for more local food..... Fine. Yet when customers in other parts of England want to pay less for less local or cheaper food or whatever, the Guardian is normally the first to complain about profit before quality or somesuch. However, the process in both cases is exactly the same - the supermarket sells what people want to buy. Thus there is nothing especially praiseworthy about Booths - they are doing exactly the same as Tesco or Walmart or.... The issue instead is substantive - certain elites do not like the choices made by less enlightened shoppers: you shouldn't buy that, you sould buy this.


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